“You must be very brave”

You know you haven’t had a particularly good gig whenever an audience member comes up to you and says: “You must be very brave to do that.”

This was said to me after last night’s gig. And admittedly, I wasn’t too great. There were about six people in for audience and they were friendly; I got laughs, but not really enough for me to consider it a success.

I was again trying out the final piece of my Edinburgh set jigsaw and judging by the reaction, it still needs work. This was reaffirmed by being told how brave I was.

There are bits in it that go down well, but too many of the other parts don’t. I think it seems to work better in the longer Dirty Laundry set, but not so well in five minutes. Nevertheless, I still need to get it much stronger in the limited amount of time I have left before the Fringe starts.

After the gig, I went to an off-license and bought a can of Special Brew to try and numb the pain caused by my mouth of many ulcers. I also decided I needed some garlic naan bread that was on offer.

Then, I was walking down Walthamstow High Street, sporting my unkempt beard, drinking a can of Special Brew and carrying a plastic bag. I at least fitted in with the other people I saw on my way. I think I need to work harder on the talking to myself bit and then I’ll blend in perfectly.

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