A Giant Squid Poem

The recent footage taken by the Discovery Channel inspired me to write this:

The Giant Squid,
Look what he did.
He attacked a fish
And then went and hid.

The fish was some bait
Left by a TV crew.
The squid was camera shy,
So said: “Thanks, but no thank you.

“Just stay on the surface,
You stupid land dwellers.
You think I’m a woman,
I’m really a fella.

“I’ve got ten friggin’ legs,
Two of them are really long.
You think that’s another leg,
It’s actually my schlong.

“I’ve got a beak
Seen on giant birds.
And out the back of my head
Is where I send all my turds.

“Leave me alone,
I don’t want to be filmed.
I don’t need to be on TV
To feel I’m fulfilled.”

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