An elapse in time

As you are reading this, then you will know that the technical issues affecting my site have been fixed and everything is now working again.

In fact, the technical problems were purely down to me trying to get my Twitter feed to run along the right hand side of this page. Due to my knowledge of HTML coding being limited at best, I pasted the code in the wrong place and it crashed the entire site.

I’m sorry if you liked the minimalist appearance that had been here for the past four weeks; I had intended to give the site a bit of a revamped look, but it wasn’t quite what I can in mind.

I have some news that has happened in the time this site has been down. When I last wrote a blog, I was planning for a solo show in Edinburgh. However, there was a miscommunication in my application and the organisers. Because this particular show venue allocation was for a two-hander, I was not allowed to change it to a solo show.

It’s kind of like being denied retrospective planning permission and then having to dismantle your housing extension. Thankfully, the only blocks that had been constructed were in written form and are definitely usable.

So now, I am doing a two-hander show again and have found a replacement Langton in the form of Simon Lilley, who is a very funny man. Our show is called Love and Lilley’s Fear and Loathing and will be on at 6pm at the amazing pub, the Kilderkin, where I was performing last year in a slot that was five hours later.

Secondly for news, I am very pleased to announce that in Brighton in July, I will be a support act for one of my comedy heroes, Richard Herring. I have been a huge fan of his for more than half my life, with Lee and Herring opening my 13-year-old eyes to what comedy could be, so I am very excited about this. However, it is ultimately just one gig and I could die on my arse, but my excitement still remains.

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