The competitive element

I have said for some time that I would not be entering any comedy new act competitions again. However, in desperate search for January gigs and in two isolated moments of weakness, I have entered two.

I told myself that I would just take them as gigs and nothing more. I don’t get any enjoyment out of the competitive element being introduced into a gig, hoping that you do better than everyone else in order to progress.

Despite the microphone not working, I had a pretty solid gig and got some decent laughs. But it was a strong heat and several other people did very well, so I resigned myself to not going through. With the clock not too far from 11pm and the results yet to be announced, I chose to leave to get some sleep as I had to be up for work the next day.

However, when I exited the tube station near my house, I received two messages from friends also performing congratulating me on getting through.

So, after three years of regularly doing stand-up and more than 400 gigs, I have made it past the first round in a new act competition and I wasn’t even there to bask in my ‘glory’.

I am pleased that I got through in what was a pretty tough heat, although I didn’t enjoy the competitive element. However, in the grand scheme of comedy things, getting past the first round for me means very little. I have another gig out of it and will see how that goes, but I’m not getting carried away. Comedy is all about short-term pain for long-term pain and possibly some petrol expenses if lucky.

The other competition I entered is later on this week.

In other comedy news, I have been asked by Adam Oliver if I would like to dress up as a penguin for his Edinburgh show. Naturally, I accepted.


  1. “Comedy is all about short-term pain for long-term pain and possibly some petrol expenses if lucky.” i like it

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