Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Day 5, 6 and 7

One week into the 2013 Fringe and audience numbers at my shows have been lower than previous  years. I know for a fact that this is not due to the absence of Paul Langton, but due to the lack of time I have had to flyer for my show due to working remotely.

That said, I am missing Langton to do the donkey work in terms of getting the room set-up before the show. But now that I am officially on holiday, I know that things will pick up because I will have more time to flyer.

Despite the small audience numbers, we have managed to go ahead every day and the people who have attended have mostly all enjoyed themselves. It has been fun having no option but to engage with the small crowd.

I was originally trying to negotiate to use the slot we have for a solo show. But on reflection, I am glad it wasn’t permitted. The timeslot at the venue is probably not the best one for doing a solo show and I’m glad that I have Simon there for company. It also makes the room seem one person busier, which has been crucial so far.

Today is a Saturday and I expect we will have our largest audience of the run so far.

I am staying in the same flat as I did in 2011 with Moz. This year’s housemate Deech is better at washing-up. 2011 was a particularly brutal first run at the Fringe, which put me in good stead for coping with and expecting lows. So at the moment, things will have to get significantly worse to match a similar amount of biscuit consumption.

  • Love and Lilley: Fear and Loathing is on at 6pm from Saturday August 3 to Saturday August 24. At Kilderkin, 65 Canongate, EH8 8BT. Venue 227. It is part of the PBH Free Fringe, which means it’s free.

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