Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Day 15

The end is in sight. In a week’s time, my 2013 run at the Fringe will have finished.

It has been a hard slog so far in terms of promoting and performing to varying levels of audience, but that is what can be expected at the Fringe. There will be more time to reflect on it all in a week’s time. In the meantime, I am determined for the last few shows to be successful.

We managed to get the room about half-full again yesterday. I have worked out a better flyering strategy of standing nearer the venue, instead of eight minutes walk up the hill. It seems obvious, but flyering up the hill worked well last year because there were very few people walking past the venue from about 9pm onwards. But after having spent two hours flyering in the Royal Mile this year and only getting in an average of two people as a result, promoting the show nearer the venue has proved more successful.

We had a decent show yesterday, getting the room about half-full. They were a friendly crowd, but didn’t give their laughter away and we had to work hard for it. It was a much nicer gig than Friday’s with the John incident.

Langton is now up at the Fringe and I have missed having him around, mainly to laugh at when things are going badly.

In other news, the march of the Scottish Defence League through Edinburgh yesterday did very little to disrupt my show. Thankfully, they also didn’t hang around to watch it.

  • Love and Lilley: Fear and Loathing is on at 6pm from Saturday August 3 to Saturday August 24. At Kilderkin, 65 Canongate, EH8 8BT. It is part of the PBH Free Fringe, which means it’s free.

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