Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Day 16 and 17

On Sunday, Simon had another day off, so my plan was to draft in two replacements who would then flyer outside the venue for an hour before the show.

Unfortunately, comedians being comedians and Edinburgh being Edinburgh, the flaw in my plan was exposed when both Michael Mooney and Ian Lane were held up by half an hour. So their respective times for flyering were halved.

It was unusually quiet everywhere on Sunday, which is usually a day of the week you would expect to do well on. We managed to persuade five people into coming in for the show, with two stating before entering the room that they had tickets booked for another show that was starting at 6.45pm and would need to leave halfway through, so we were left with three after the first act.

It was quite a relaxed show and was not as awkward or uncomfortable for anyone in the room as it perhaps should have been.

Then yesterday, an old comedy partner (37-years-old, to be exact) filled in. It was of course Paul Langton, I don’t have any other comedy partners in that age bracket. In fact, I only have one person who could be considered a former comedy partner and he is the same age as me. Hello Ed.

We both put in an hour flyering on the Royal Mile, which resulted in no-one attended. We managed to get nine people in and they were mostly all dragged in off the street.

It was a good show and they were a good group of nine people. Paul was the most relaxed on stage I have seen him for some time and it was nice to see him do well in a venue that he was patchy in last year’s run.

The entity known as Love and Langton never really split up. In fact, we already have plans for next year.

This could also be one of our plans:

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