Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Day 21

It turns out that our penultimate Fear and Loathing show actually took place on the previous day, as what would have been our penultimate show yesterday had to be pulled.

I noticed when I began flyering that it seemed to be worryingly quiet for a Friday, which is normally one of the busiest days of the week. In theory, the last Friday of the Fringe should be particularly busy.

But when we were due to start our show, we had three people in for audience. This would normally be no problem and I would do it, but as both our energy levels are particularly low, it would not have been an enjoyable experience for any involved.

I tried in vain to convinced passersby to come in and boost numbers, delaying the start of the show by ten minutes, but it was to no avail. For me, a pulled Fringe show hurts more than dying on stage. At least with dying on stage, you can learn something from the experience. When you pull a show at the Fringe, nothing positive is gained.

Thank you to Billy for being one of our three audience at the show that never was; he discovered this blog after attending one of the slightly less dreadful A Mixed Bags in 2011.

Although this has been a tough Edinburgh, my biscuit consumption would suggest that it has been bearable. As a rule, the worse things are going, the more biscuits I eat. It was not until yesterday’s show was pulled that I felt the biscuit urge. Then I listened to some Queen songs. Biscuits and Queen make everything better.

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