Squid in a bottle

It has been brought to my attention by at least two people that I have not been blogging much recently. They needn’t worry, this is something I am well aware of.

Part of this reason is I have been busy most weekends, which is when I tend to write these ramblings. For example, last weekend I was in Brighton on the stag-do of my uni housemate John, who was dressed as Tina Turner for one of the nights. I should add that this isn’t how he normally chooses to dress, but he does now have the wig and leopard-print dress so has that option in the future. This is the only information I am allowed to disclose about what went on.

I was back in Brighton again last night to do a gig and I received perhaps the weird heckle I have ever had.

I have a bit of material about giant squid that I was trying out at the start of the year, but put on hold and have come back to recently. It has been received rather well of late and I will definitely keep it in for Edinburgh.

Midway through this small section, a woman put her hand up and said she had something to add about squid.

She then went into detailed instructions on how to make a Blue Peter-style squid-in-a-bottle toy for children.

I didn’t have my notepad with me, so I am unfortunately unable to remember exactly what the instructions involved, but there was definitely a bottle and some water or ink inside it.

I responded by saying that this wasn’t quite how I expected my set to go.

I managed to get back on track and my giant squid stuff received approval for its accuracy from a zoologist in the audience, who applauded on his own. I am taking this a positive.

Then down at the front, there was a girl laughing uncontrollably at the last minute or so of my set, which made wrapping things up more difficult.

But on the whole, it went pretty well and was a gig that was on the good side of weird.

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