Edinbugh Fringe 2014 – Day 14

With yesterday being a Friday, I was hoping I would get a full room, but there were about ten people seated minutes before the show was due to start.

I went to the bar to see if there were any latecomers and found a few more who were waiting to get served. I ended up starting about five minutes late so I could get everyone in, and had a half-full room of about 20.

Due to starting late, I had to cut the film section from my show, which is often the bit that gets the best reaction. Despite dropping this, it ended up being one of the best shows I have done so far. It is certainly in the top three gigs of the run, along with this past Sunday and one of the other good really ones that I can’t remember specifically.

The audience were really fun and up for getting involved in proceedings. There was a group of three Scottish people on my left near the stage and one of the ladies tried to ding my facts bell. I moved it out of her reach and told her that I was very protective of my bell, which got a pretty big laugh.

I also had some fun abusing my authority by disqualifying a team from the tiebreaker after they protested at my officiating. As a result, they missed out on winning the mystery prize, which was a Toploader album.

From about 20 people, I made £45 in my bucket collection at the end. So not a bad haul at all for a show I really enjoyed.

I now have just seven shows left. This Fringe has gone particularly quickly, which is a sign that it has been a good one. Then again, this next week could always be a disaster and seem like an age.

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