Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Days 18 and 19

I can confirm that I have not officially fallen victim to the Edinblurgy and am coughing up green stuff.

I had a day off on Tuesday, which hopefully helped my immune system a bit and I now have just three shows left that I need to patch my body together for.

With yesterday being a Wednesday, I hoped to avoid another repeat of last week’s show and do one that was actually good. I needn’t have worried, as I had about 30 people in and they were a great crowd.

Despite my voice sounding a few octaves deeper and not feeling quite as sharp as I normally do, there were some big laughs. I have also now managed to find a way to navigate around the segment that is now not getting a laugh, but still keep the material in.

In the audience was Billy, reader of this blog who first saw me in the shambles that was A Mixed Bag in 2011. He tried to see me last year in Fear and Loathing, but the show was cancelled due to having about three people in the audience and us being on a poor run of form. I am pleased that this year has been substantially better than both shows, combined.

Also in the audience was one of my best friends from secondary school, Rob, who I had not seen in about 14 years.

In the early part of secondary school, we were part of a trio that messed around too much and ended up with a detention or two. When I saw him last, I never thought that the next time we’d encounter one another was at stand-up show I’d be doing in Edinburgh. But then 14 years ago, I wasn’t entirely aware of what Edinburgh Fringe was.

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