Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Days 6 and 7

One week, six shows in and for the first time ever at the Fringe, I have nothing to complain about.

There is a very long way to go, but I am really enjoying myself so far this year. I know this doesn’t make for particularly captivating reading, as my miseries and mishaps are what you people want. But worry not, despair is only ever one bad gig away.

In spite of the wet weather and not having enough time for flyering as I have dedicated in previous years, I have been really lucky in getting audiences in double figures every day. This might not seem like anything to be pleased with for those not ‘in the know’, but given my venue location and the struggles I had at getting a crowd last year, this makes me very happy. The punters have also all been really receptive and keen to get involved with the show.

Having an hour to play around with is something I am getting a particular amount of enjoyment from. Every show has been different so far and I am able to spend more time on certain things some days than others.

My show is not perfect and can still be improved, and I would like to have several full rooms with loads of money in my bucket. I may have fashioned myself a delusional cocoon, but if the rest of the Fringe goes as well as the first week has then I will be delighted.

Before I came up here this year, I was going to try and get as many guest spots at other gigs under my belt as possible. But having done four in the past week, I have realised that I would much rather just focus on my show and go and watch other people perform. I will still do the rest of the additional gigs I am booked for and probably won’t turn much down that is offered my way if I’m needed to help out, but I’m not going to make much of an effort to find other gigs. Once I have finished my show, I want to have a few pints and unwind without having to worry about going to perform anywhere else.

One week in and this Fringe is all going a little too well… something must surely go wrong somewhere.

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