Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 13

I have finally done it, I have breached the £100 barrier in a collection bucket. After nearing the figure in a few shows, I surpassed it with £1 to spare.

I started yesterday’s show a few minutes late as there were a few people waiting to be served at the bar. To make up this time, I cut some of the material and ended up finishing five minutes earlier than I was supposed to. The streamlined show seemed to work better and I’ve reworked the quiz to give me more time to play around, which is not something I’d previously managed as the ending has been a bit rushed.

With today being a Saturday, I am also planning on not drinking quite so much during or after today’s show. That said, I didn’t really plan on consuming as much alcohol as I did last week. People kept buying me beer and it just sort of happened. I annoyed Pete who runs the midnight acoustic mic night at the Kilderkin on Saturdays with my repeated requests for Mrs Robinson. But he has offered to play it tonight in exchange for me behaving myself.

In immune system news, the Edinblurghy has been suppressed for the moment and my sore throat has gone. But I’m not going to get too cocky and start taunting it, because I know it could strike at any time. Consuming a lot of alcohol is not going to help my cause, so I think it’s best to try and take it easy. I just need to hold it together for another seven shows.

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