Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 16

Yesterday may well have been my favourite show of the run so far, with a very lively audience.

It was the loudest a crowd has ever sung during the music round and they were very insistent about continuing. They also gave me a lot to riff off, with Mike in the front-row proving particularly good value.

My bucket anomaly of Sunday was corrected and I made £86. I’ve made more money during the other shows, but I don’t think I’ve had quite so much fun.

It was just the gig I needed at this point in the Fringe to give me a boost before my day off, then heading into the home-straight of the final four shows.

As I’ve said before, how well the show goes is dependent on what the audience gives me to work with. If they’re not getting involved, then the show doesn’t get going properly. It’s a risk for an hour show to be so dependent on the audience, but I’ve been really lucky with who I’ve been getting through the door – and also who I’ve been having leave through the fire exit.

When I return to the Fringe next, I am planning on doing an hour of stand-up. I don’t know if it’ll be next year, as I am currently fatigued and thinking of actually going on a proper holiday in 2016. When I do come back, I may still run How To Win A Pub Quiz in some capacity as it would be stupid to drop something that has worked really well for me both in audience numbers and financially. It’s always been an ambition to write an hour show, the quiz thing has just taken on a life of its own.

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