Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 6

I’m aware that the blog this year probably isn’t particularly interesting, as things going well are never as much fun to read. This year is a stark contrast with my torment in 2011 and demoralisation in 2013, but I’m still grateful for those awful experiences as I learnt a lot from them.

In a sign of how different this year is, the other day when I was flyering it was very windy. There was a homeless man sitting on the corner of the street up the hill and when he got up to walk off, he left an unwanted old pair of jeans on the pavement that he’d just changed out of.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew them straight at me. I saw them just in time and nimbly jumped out of their way. In previous years, these jeans would have probably blown straight into my face.

Onto show matters, six shows in and I am still turning people away as there is no room. The show went really well, with another excellent crowd.

A few things did go wrong and I was having a few issues with my MP3 player again. So I had to use my phone instead, which messed up the order with my music round. Despite these small hitches, I broke my bucket record with an unbelievable £93.

When I came up to the Fringe this year, I was thinking that the second How To Win A Pub Quiz would be the format’s last hurrah. But based on my experience here so far, I may well have a format on my hands that people really want to see and one that I don’t have to flyer for hours to get an audience. On the Fringe, this is not to be sniffed at. But as I keep saying, it’s still early days and I’m always bracing myself for something going wrong at some point.

In another ridiculous turn of events, I received an email yesterday asking me to do my show at a corporate gig in front of 200 people. Considering my show was only designed for hopefully 20 people in the Kilderkin, this is a pretty massive jump. I would need to make a few revisions for a crowd of 200, but I reckon it could work pretty nicely.

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