Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Days 4 and 5

This is all getting a bit ridiculous and not how I expect my Fringes to go.

After five shows, I can report that I have had five full-houses and been turning people away at every one.

After having Tuesdays already booked off, I defied Black Wednesday with a great crowd that was probably my favourite show so far. The audience really wanted to get involved from the off and were throwing all sorts of weird curveballs at me, whether it be listing immortal creatures in fiction, or questioning my use of ‘who’ when it should be ‘what’ in the quiz. They were great.

Then again, Thursday’s wasn’t too shabby either. They also really wanted to take part. The material was probably better received on Wednesday, but there were still a lot of big laughs in the show and I did better in the bucket than the previous day.

Due to its location, I think that a full-house at the Kiderkin means a lot more than a full-house at a central venue. It is quite a trek from the main hub and people do make an effort to get there. I feel bad for the people who have made this trek on two separate days, but still not been able to get in.

The show has already surpassed my expectations by a long way. Still, I’m going to take each show as it comes and not take anything for granted. There’s always the possibility that I end up with no audience for the rest of my run, and I’m only ever one show away from a one-star review from ThreeWeeks. But so far, yeah, it’s been alright hasn’t it?

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