Another Edinburgh Fringe is fast approaching and bringing with it such strong feelings of excitement and dread that shouldn’t be possible to go together.

I don’t think I’ve announced what I’m doing for the Fringe yet, on here anyway. Although this site does tend to be the last place I share things, and I don’t think I’m alone in often forgetting that this website exists. That’s how seriously I take my web presence.

I am taking How To Win A Pub Quiz to the Fringe for the fourth year in a row. At some point, I’ll think of another show idea. But while HTWAPQ remains fun and people want to see it, I’ll continue to do it. I am returning with The Stand at the same venue and time-slot as last year.

Whenever I receive the ticket presale link, I tell myself that I won’t keep on checking it. I then end up checking it multiple times a day. Whenever tickets are sold, even if it’s just a couple, I can’t stop myself from celebrating internally. Sometimes it’s even accompanied by a quiet ‘yessss…’ and Henman-style fist pump.

However, something has gone wrong somewhere over the past few days in ticket presale land and the total sold has remained unchanged. Considering I’ve been selling at least a few every day for the past month, this is very unusual. So, either there’s something wrong with the presale link, possibly caused by my incessant checking, or I haven’t sold any tickets in five days. I’m avoiding emailing the support address, because it could only confirm my worst fears that tickets haven’t been selling. The ambiguity helps.

Then again, no-one bought a single ticket for my show when I was on the Free Fringe and those, particularly the later ones, went pretty well. It also gave me one less source of distraction.

If you’d like to help me out, here’s the ticket link. Go and buy some, then let me know and I’ll check if the presale numbers update. Oh, and come and see the show as well. That would also help.

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