Thank you, Glasgow

My two-date run at Glasgow Comedy Festival had a distinct old school feel to it. For one thing, I was doing the show in its original 6pm time-slot in a venue that’s quite far away from where everything else is taking place.

I also had to get the room ready before the show on both days, do my own tech and wasn’t entirely sure just how many people would be coming. It felt a lot like the 2014 Edinburgh run than the ridiculous numbers that followed in subsequent years. I was even battling the lurgy.

On the night before I was due to go up there, I got an email from one of the bar staff saying that it wouldn’t be possible to hook-up to the PA from where the show would be taking place. Thankfully, I had a back-up plan in the form of the amp that came with the Argos guitar I got for my 18th birthday. Unfortunately, it only has one input point so I had to switch from mic to MP3 player during the show. It wasn’t particular slick, but it did the job.

I managed to get 28 punters on Saturday, with 26 on Sunday. Saturday was pretty raucous in the best possible way, with one lady in the front row keen to get involved as much as possible and even getting up and dancing during the music round. Someone in the group she was with had seen the show at the Fringe last year, so it’s nice to get some repeat business.

At one point during to the show, The Facts Bell flew out of my hand and smashed onto the concrete floor. I thought I had lost her for a moment, but she pulled through and is now fully operational again.

Sunday was a little more sedate, but still friendly and fun all the same. I had to contend with some hecklers out of sight at the bar, but it did add a bit of welcome unpredictability to things.

Another thing I enjoyed about doing a show in the early evening again was awarding points to anyone who bought me a pint. This time, I only received two, so didn’t wake up the next day to find myself on my bedroom floor in a pile of my dirty washing.

So, all in all, Glasgow was good fun. I had some nice audiences, just about broke even, and got bought four pints, so I can’t really complain. Glasgow is a great city and I’d love to spend some more time there.

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