Arrival in Perth

As I write this, I am now in Perth, Australia. 

If you’re wondering why I haven’t written anything since the end of October, then I can assure you that it’s not entirely due to laziness.

A few days after I wrote the last entry, there was a very sad incident in my family and I lost at least one reader to these ramblings. As I don’t feel the need to share every facet of my personal life online, I’m not going to reveal further details. I can save that for an Edinburgh show, or can tell you if you send me a message and are willing to pay me.

As a result of events, there has been a lot of stuff I’ve had to help sort out. This also lead to me cancelling my shows in Liverpool and Barcelona, which wasn’t solely because of poor ticket sales. 

When I arrived in Australia five days ago, I’d not done any gigs since 1 November 2019. I still haven’t, actually. My shows don’t start for another five days. At the moment, ticket sales aren’t looking too healthy. Unless you’re planning to come and see the show, that is. In which case, there are hardly any tickets available and you should buy one as soon as is humanly possible.

Part of the reason I chosen to come out here was a couple of deaths and a funeral putting things into perspective. And life really isn’t very long. 

But then if I’d known then how hot it would be, I may have chosen a colder country to visit. Yeah, obviously you need to make the most of every moment you have in life, but perhaps not if the humidity is making you feel like you shouldn’t stray too far from a toilet. It’s not worth the risk.  

I arrived on Monday night and it’s been about 35oC some days. I struggle when it’s anything over about 22oC. Hopefully it’ll cool down a bit, otherwise I will only be able to venture outside under the cover of darkness (the non-Hawkins variety). 

I’m in Perth for another two and a bit weeks. I may stay longer though. Once my shows finish here, I don’t have anything else until NZ Fringe in Wellington at the start of March. I tried booking some slots at the fringes in Adelaide and Auckland, but had another encounter with what is becoming my nemesis: non-responsive emails. My next plan was to hire a car and spend a few weeks driving along the Australian south coast to Melbourne and then onto Sydney. Sadly, the devastating bushfires then started. So I will have to make another plan. 

Fortunately for the content on here, travelling gives me an urge to write. Travelling also makes me have mishaps. I’m going to be away for around two and half months. Stay tuned. 

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