More about hops

I missed an entry last week, mainly because I forgot. It’s commitment like that that gets me all the traffic here. So much traffic.

I may as well talk about hops again, as there’s quite been a considerable amount of growth in that department. One vine is now higher than a metre.

The man who helps my mum with the garden theorised that the reason behind the rapid growth is that the hops are right underneath the wall vent for the oven. So, heat comes out of the vent straight onto where the hop roots are, causing them to grow rapidly. It’s an interesting theory and might be correct, especially as the vine nearest the vent is way out in front of the others. While about a metre away, another hop plant is barely only a shoot.

I haven’t seen my neighbour recently who’s also growing hops. Last year, his first year saw masses of flowers compared with my 1.5 and I could easily see them when I walked past his garden. But this year, I can’t see anything yet and my attempts at peering through his hedge are proving unsuccessful. At the moment, I think my hops are more advanced.

How tall will mine actually grow? That, I do not know. But at some point in the next few months, I’m going to need to get on a ladder and balance precariously as I rig up some sort of structure involving bamboo canes and garden twine on the front of my house. So, I have that to look forward to.

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