Moving slowly

I have been planning to move back to London at various points over the past five years, only for stuff to get in the way.

I was talking about it as far back as towards the end of 2017. Then I took a closer look at doing so in September 2018, only to then have shows booked up in New Zealand and it made sense to stay put until after Edinburgh 2019. But once I’d reached that point, I was planning to do some travelling instead. Next, I was going to move back after Edinburgh Fringe 2020, before a little know respiratory virus took a grip on the world.

And here I am, five years later, still trying to move back. If I believed in fate or destiny, I may be tempted to think that the reason I’ve not been able to move back is that I’m not meant to. But I choose to ignore that. There’s no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.

The main obstacle now is the obvious one of where to live. I am unable to live in a shared house again. Not for legal reasons, but because I feel that six years is more than enough of that. I was talking with Langton about renting a flat together. But as has been the way for most of our plans since 2012, that has also fallen through. Renting my own flat looks unrealistic due to the ridiculous prices being charged. The most affordable rental options appear to be garages or parking spaces.

So, I was looking into buying a flat. For a while, it would have worked out cheaper to buy my own place than rent in London. Then a couple of morons at the top of the UK Government thought it would be a good idea to introduce policies that would end up crashing the mortgage market.

Moving back to London is kind of integral to my comedy plans for the next couple of years. But it looks like I may need to wait a little while longer.

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