Sinus woes

All I have to report this week is blocked sinuses. This nicely sums up life in the times of the Covid but puts me in a difficult spot to try and write something about it.

Will this be interesting? Probably not, but let’s give it a go. At this point on a Sunday evening, it isn’t something that concerns me.

I have a history of sinus problems. When I was 17, I had sinusitis and spent a lot of time either with facial pain or being sick. And for a paranoid 17-year-old, I was fairly sure what I had was terminal.

I went to the doctor’s and found out that it wasn’t quite as bad as my unqualified diagnosis. He recommended that I put my head over a steaming bowl of chamomile flowers for ten minutes. So that’s what I did, only to wake up in the night with pains akin to being stabbed repeatedly in the side of the head.

The flaw in my GP’s plan was that I discovered I suffered from a severe allergy to practically every type of flower and pollen. Hayfever season is obviously a blast.

I’ve used Olbas oil instead of the chamomile flowers quite a lot over the years when times when the sinuses have been causing problems. More recently, I’ve streamlined – pun optional – this and taken to smearing toothpaste under my eyes. It is surprisingly effective for clearing the sinuses, albeit with some blindingly obvious side effects. I.e. the obvious blinding.

Where did the blocked sinuses come from this time? I don’t know. I tested negative to Covid. It’s probably something allergy-based, but at least it’s given me something to fill the space on here this week. Writing on here will be much easier once I’m doing gigs again. I don’t know yet when this will be, so there could yet be more fascinating tales of sinus past.

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