Home ownership pending

As we approach the end of the first week of the year 2023, it at least gives me some sort of deadline to write an update for January.

I have set myself the challenge this year to write ten jokes a day, or at least ideas that vaguely resemble jokes. Twenty-nine days into the month, I have just about managed to do it. The quality of gags can fluctuate dramatically, and many will never be shared with the general public. Regardless, it is good to feel like I am doing something comedic daily. I think I’ll try to write at least something once a month on here. If I am busier with comedy things, then there’ll be more to read.

I have had no comedy gigs as yet, although this is set to change next month. This is really the result of still being in the perpetual state of limbo of not knowing exactly where I’ll be located within the next few months. However, I do have some exciting news here with more geographical certainty in sight.

I have had an offer accepted on a flat in Enfield. I went up to London a couple of weekends ago and viewed three potential flats. The other two were in my old East London stomping grounds, or at least within walking – or indeed, stomping – distance.

It came down to one of those flats and the property in Enfield. A battle then ensued between my head and my heart. The Leyton flat I really liked was going to be quite a bit more expensive. And as it’s the head that ultimately makes the financial decisions, the Enfield flat won through.

Realistically, there was no way I could afford to buy anywhere in Walthamstow that wasn’t tiny or would need major rennovations. But this Enfield flat happens to be very nice and is three minutes’ walk to the nearest train station. In fact, if I time it right, I can be in Walthamstow within about 15 minutes. Other parts of London are also easily accessible.

For the past week or so, I have been trying to sort out scarily grown-up things such as getting a mortgage and finding a suitable law firm to act for me.

In truth, I never really wanted to own a flat. It was just the ridiculously obscene state of the London rental market that forced my hand. And while mortgage payments are going to be much more expensive thanks to the calamitous intervention from Liz Truss, it still works out cheaper in monthly mortgage payments than renting in London.

There is the added complication of the lease being extended by the current owners as a condition of sale. So, there is a very long way to go before I get a set of keys to call my own. Oh, and a flat. I would hazard a guess that the whole process could take three or four months, possibly even longer. But it is nice to have something in the works nonetheless.

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