Progress and potential further developments

I haven’t written anything on here for a couple of months, mainly because I hadn’t been doing any gigs since. My attention has been diverted by property matters.

While the flat purchase rumbles on, the end may be in sight. In fact, I might very well be a property owner within the next month.

I was planning on going to Edinburgh this year, then got side-tracked with buying a flat and realised I’d missed the deadline. As with last year, I did say that I would do it if I was asked by the same people who I did shows with from 2016-19. But last year, that email never arrived. This year, it turns out that the email did arrive, only it was to an old account that I don’t check very often. Consequently, I only read the email today. So, tomorrow, I will reply and apologise for the delayed response and see if there are any slots still available. I don’t think I’ll be able to do a full run this year, due to property buying and other commitments. A half-run might be possible. I was planning on being in Edinburgh in the final week of August anyway to see a band. Could HTWAPQ return this year? It might. I don’t know at the moment, but should know more this week.

In another sign of an old idea making a comeback, I had a gig this past week at the Alternative Book Club in Cheltenham where I read extracts from Ross Kemp’s A-Z of Hell. It was the first time I’d tried it out since a lukewarm response in July last year, with some revisions. There are nights where this material will work, and there are nights where it will not. This was thankfully the former and I had fun. After I’d spoken about the book, I started talking about a little project I like to call Ross Kemp: The Musical, and played some of the opening number through the mic. Afterwards, a few comics told me that I should persist with the project, and they are right. I have since sent my collaborator, Rich, a message. And we’re going to see what we can come up with.

If I leave it another two months without writing on here, I will likely then be a property owner. But I have another gig on Tuesday, and might write something after that. Time is going to be doing a lot of telling.

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