How To Win A Pub Quiz

Part stand-up, part actual pub quiz.

This highly interactive show started life on the Free Fringe in 2014 at the Kilderkin.

The show has since gone on to sell-out three Edinburgh Fringe runs with The Stand, as well as playing to full rooms in New Zealand.

What people have said about the show

“It is hilarious.”

“Love is a confident and relaxed performer who makes his audience feel at ease. There are many very funny moments in this show, and in a nod to shows like QI, Love would randomly deduct points from teams, upping the concentrated competition in the room. The winning team was able to choose their prize (round or square), but whether winners or losers, everyone left happy. 

“If you enjoy audience interaction as well as a quiz delivered by a skilful host with a twinkle in his eye, then do go along. It’s fun.”

“At first glance, stand-up and a pub quiz might not sound like a natural combination, but by the end of the show every expectation has been done away with. That the energy and humour is maintained throughout the show is testament to Love’s ability to work an audience (as long as that audience are all fans of The Darkness).

“A brilliantly fun show packed full of running gags and ad-libs, and if you win the quiz then all that reading Wikipedia instead of working will have been worth it.”
Den of Geek.


  1. Within
    5 weeks of seeing your show we have won our first ever pub quiz. Thanks for the advice.

    Twos enough

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