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Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 19

It has happened, my standing-room only streak has come to an end.

I knew it was inevitable at some point during the run and never thought it would last as long as it did. As time went on, I did wonder if it could last for the whole run, only for the Fringe Gods to snatch it from me at the last minute.

But it doesn’t matter, the fact that it lasted for 18 shows is pretty remarkable given the Kilderkin’s location. Taking into account the 100+ people that have tried to see the show and I’ve not had room for, I would statistically have enough people for at least an extra two gigs.

However, my philosophy that I try and stick to for all gigs is that it doesn’t matter how many people are in the room, they’re there to see a show and I’ll always try and give them all I can.

I had about 25 people in yesterday, which is still a great turnout for a free show in a year that many of my more talented peers have really struggled for audience.

Most of the audience enjoyed the show, but I had five people walk out. This included a group of four that I knew wouldn’t enjoy it before it even began. You get a Spidey sense about particular punters.

I had my lowest takings of the Fringe, with £32. It didn’t feel as bad as Sunday, where I had a full room but made only £4 more. I really can’t complain, I’ve been very lucky this year. Plus £32 and 25 people was more than double both my lowest audience and takings from last year.

The advantage of having a smaller crowd was that it gave me a chance to see if handing out the whiteboards and pens before the show kept things flowing better. I think it worked well enough to warrant me trying it again today. I have two shows left, with the possibility of a third. At the moment, finding the energy for two seems enough of a challenge.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Days 17 and 18

I have received my first proper review this Fringe and it’s a decent write-up.

I got three-stars from Broadway Baby, and there was me saying how the show had really polarised opinions. I can’t really use three stars on future posters, but I can take quite a lot from the nice stuff that they’ve written about me.

This is one of the lines is: “His engagement with the crowd is quick and charming.”

I have now spanned the entire charm spectrum this Fringe, being called both charming and charmless. There’s some other stuff that I can plunder from there as was well.

From the review, it looks like they came in on Monday. Although it was probably the most fun I’ve had at a show, I did mess up a few things and know I can do better.

They do pick-up on me taking too much time handing out stationary, which isn’t something that comes up in many reviews. They also referenced me swallowing words around a few punchlines, which is something that can be traced right back to my time in plays at school and is much more prominent when I’m tired.

It would be nice to have at least four-stars, but I’m not overly fussed about it. Ultimately, how well I do in comedy is going to be down to me rather than the words, however nice, of someone I’ll probably never know.

Yesterday’s show was good fun. It was a little quieter than other days, but still ended up being standing-room only as a few people came in late and my streak was thus maintained. They were a nice crowd, but not quite as loud as Monday. I made £76, which isn’t a bad at all.

I have three shows left, but am currently considering doing an extra one as the 8.45pm slot at the Kilderkin will be free on Saturday. It all depends on whether or not there’s enough demand. I could quite easily see 30 people being turned away from my first show, only for four to turn up to the second.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 16

Yesterday may well have been my favourite show of the run so far, with a very lively audience.

It was the loudest a crowd has ever sung during the music round and they were very insistent about continuing. They also gave me a lot to riff off, with Mike in the front-row proving particularly good value.

My bucket anomaly of Sunday was corrected and I made £86. I’ve made more money during the other shows, but I don’t think I’ve had quite so much fun.

It was just the gig I needed at this point in the Fringe to give me a boost before my day off, then heading into the home-straight of the final four shows.

As I’ve said before, how well the show goes is dependent on what the audience gives me to work with. If they’re not getting involved, then the show doesn’t get going properly. It’s a risk for an hour show to be so dependent on the audience, but I’ve been really lucky with who I’ve been getting through the door – and also who I’ve been having leave through the fire exit.

When I return to the Fringe next, I am planning on doing an hour of stand-up. I don’t know if it’ll be next year, as I am currently fatigued and thinking of actually going on a proper holiday in 2016. When I do come back, I may still run How To Win A Pub Quiz in some capacity as it would be stupid to drop something that has worked really well for me both in audience numbers and financially. It’s always been an ambition to write an hour show, the quiz thing has just taken on a life of its own.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 15

Yesterday, I continued my record of having standing room only at my shows and it was a decent gig, but I ended up getting my lowest amount in the collection bucket afterwards.

I received £36 and a lot of people left without putting any money in. The show probably went a bit better than Saturday, it certainly wasn’t a worth £50 less. It’s strange, because it was definitely a much better show than the first Sunday and Monday of the Fringe, where I made a lot more money.

I can’t really complain, I’ve been on a roll with the past few days and all rolls have to come to an end at some point. And I could also do with a jolt at this point to get me focused on the remaining five shows.

I am looking forward to having a day off from it all tomorrow. I’ll hopefully get some rest and come back at full-power from Wednesday onwards.

In other news, I’ve found a comment on Twitter from someone who came to see the show and didn’t like it.

This is what Sean says: “How To Win A Pub Quiz is honestly the worst Fringe show I have ever seen. Every single ‘joke’ is explained, that’s when you know it’s bad.”

That’s quite some endorsement. But someone wasn’t paying very much attention, I only explain about giant squid and jellyfish.

Further reading confirms that Sean was part of the group of about six 20-ish year olds who were bored, stood at the back chatting amongst themselves and then left through the fire escape when the quiz had just started. I’m actually grateful when people do walk out if they’re really not enjoying it. They’ve been in the minority this Fringe.

It’s amazing how divided some opinions have been on this show. Some people have hated it, whereas many people have really loved it. I’d much rather be doing something that divides opinion than create a beige, generic soup that everyone universally agrees is just ‘alright’.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 14

I can report that there was no repeat performance of last Saturday’s drunken shenanigans and I didn’t wake up on my bedroom floor in a pile of my dirty washing. This is largely because I wasn’t bought three pints during my show.

It was a decent show yesterday, with about 30 people being turned away again. Even someone who’d asked me to reserve some seats couldn’t get in as they arrived two minutes before the show was due to start and I’d had no choice but to offer them to other people.

Yesterday’s crowd were a little more passive than the previous two Saturdays. I had to work hard to get them going and this took little while, with some of the material getting titters that has done much better at other shows. I also didn’t help matters by swallowing some of my words around punchlines, which is mostly down to fatigue. The crowd eventually got on board and there were some big laughs. I made £86 in the bucket at the end, which was down a bit from the previous three shows and was a fair reflection of how the show didn’t go quite as well.

I also unexpectedly had someone from Quiz Britain make an appearance at the show and ask to take pictures of me when I was handing out the pens and white boards. I am going to be featured on their website, which is pretty cool.

Another thing I’ve been really lucky with at this year’s Fringe so far is the weather. It has rained, but mostly stayed fine in the hour or so before my show to make sure that punters are not put off walking down the hill to the Kilderkin.

In previous Fringes, I have been left utterly drenched by downpours, which largely summed up my shows that year.

I hit the tiredness wall at about 10pm last night and had to go to bed. When I went outside the Kilderkin, there was a torrential downpour of old happening, with streams flowing down the streets. But when I woke up today, the sun was out and all was well again.

I have six shows left; I’ve managed to fight off the lurgy so far, but I could really do with a second wind.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 13

I have finally done it, I have breached the £100 barrier in a collection bucket. After nearing the figure in a few shows, I surpassed it with £1 to spare.

I started yesterday’s show a few minutes late as there were a few people waiting to be served at the bar. To make up this time, I cut some of the material and ended up finishing five minutes earlier than I was supposed to. The streamlined show seemed to work better and I’ve reworked the quiz to give me more time to play around, which is not something I’d previously managed as the ending has been a bit rushed.

With today being a Saturday, I am also planning on not drinking quite so much during or after today’s show. That said, I didn’t really plan on consuming as much alcohol as I did last week. People kept buying me beer and it just sort of happened. I annoyed Pete who runs the midnight acoustic mic night at the Kilderkin on Saturdays with my repeated requests for Mrs Robinson. But he has offered to play it tonight in exchange for me behaving myself.

In immune system news, the Edinblurghy has been suppressed for the moment and my sore throat has gone. But I’m not going to get too cocky and start taunting it, because I know it could strike at any time. Consuming a lot of alcohol is not going to help my cause, so I think it’s best to try and take it easy. I just need to hold it together for another seven shows.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 12

A few things went wrong in yesterday’s show, but none of them seemed to stop it going well.

The first thing that went wrong was that the man I was trying to get on stage for the sketch bit could not read the script as he didn’t have his glasses.

When you’re choosing older people to take part in the sketch, it is usually funnier, but the risk is that they might not have their reading glasses. I managed to get another on stage, who turned out to be Mike Leigh’s brother so I hope he put in a good word.

The second thing that went wrong was that when I was marking the scores, I knocked a glass of beer off a table, which them smashed on the floor and I had an ale-drenched foot for the rest of the show. But I can at least say that I did quite literally smash it. I thank you.

I also forgot a few bits of material and to reveal half the answers. Despite these things, I breached the £90 barrier for the

In other news, the tiredness barrier has really hit me in the last few days and I’ve felt the early signs of the Edinblurgy taunting me for more than a week, without it properly setting in. My throat started to get sore yesterday, but has calmed down a bit.

I don’t know what the Edinblurgy is waiting for; maybe it knows that it is not scheduled until the final week. But I would prefer it just comes out of its hiding place to do battle with my immune system instead of all this cowardice. Then again, I would prefer it even more if it stayed locked away until a week on Sunday when my shows have finished.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Days 9, 10 and 11

For the past five minutes, I have been trying to work out what days this combined entry is meant to cover.

It doesn’t help that I write for the previous day and am pretty sure I’ve already messed it up. I think it should be days nine, ten and 11. Yeah, we’ll go with that.

This is an obvious sign that the Fringe has properly gotten to my mind. Time passes differently up here, it both goes very quickly but seems like to lasts for years. It’s similar to Narnia, just with fewer religious connotations.

With Megan’s scornful words fresh in my mind, I set about putting on the best show I could. I know this show is much better than she gave it credit for, my bucket takings are proof of this. People tend not to put very much money in for shows that aren’t very good. I should know, I’ve done plenty of these.

My faith/delusion was proved correct with a really lovely gig, with another full room and lots of nice comments afterwards. I made £78 in the bucket, so not a bad haul for a Monday. I’ve also had a really positive audience review added that is quite a contrast from Megan’s. Thanks to Ellis for this.

Wednesday marked the midway point for the Fringe. At the exact midway point last year, I had my worst show of the entire run. In 2014, there were 15 people in and the overwhelming theme was apathy. I made £8 in my bucket, with a few small packets of Refreshers someone had thrown in.

So it was quite a surprise yesterday when not only did I have a full to capacity room, but I also made my record bucket takings with £99. It was agonisingly close to the triple figure target I have set myself to achieve in at least one show before the end of the run, but I’ve still got time.

For both Mondays and Wednesdays gigs, I had some really vocal middle-aged people sitting at the front who wanted to get involved. I had a lot of fun and Wednesday’s sketch between two panto performers was both the weirdest and most enjoyable I have had so far.

This show does rest and fall on the audience I have in. If they want to get involved and give me something to riff off, then it tends to go amazingly. If they’re reluctant to engage, then things don’t go so well. And for the most part, I have been really lucky with my audiences. I’ve also covered my rent for my flat and am getting very close to being in the black for the first time ever at the Fringe. If the second half of my run goes as well as the first, then I will be delighted.

I am now officially on holiday from work, so can put more energy into my show. I am also going to make an effort to see as many shows as I can.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 8

I have found my first audience review on the official Fringe site and I get the impression that Megan didn’t enjoy the show very much.

“This is a tedious hour peppered with weak jokes that are delivered charmlessly. If, like me, you come because you’re a pub quiz lover, then it fails to deliver (although it manages to retain the worst part, i.e. the waiting around while scores are added up). There are a few potentially interesting facts but not enough, and the quiz element itself has answers that are for laughs rather than knowledge. That would be acceptable if they were funny, but when we’re at the Bruce-Forsyth-is-old level, it’s clear this format isn’t going anywhere.”

I appreciate you taking the time to write your critique Megan, but I refer to Bruce as being biologically immortal. It’s totally different. I’ve been doing comedy long enough to know that not everyone is going to like what I do. But I’ll happily take one snotty review from a punter in return for eight full-houses in shows that have mostly been well-received, plus a potential corporate booking.

From eight shows so far, two have been flat and I’m guessing Megan was at one of those. Sometimes things just don’t work. The feedback I’ve had from many other punters has been overwhelmingly positive so far and it’s always nice to hear people talking amongst themselves afterwards saying how much they enjoyed it, as well as bumping into people around the Fringe who’ve been to see the show and stopped to talk to me about it.

Yesterday’s show was the first one to have no-one standing at the back, but all the seats were full. Maybe they’re starting to believe Megan’s hype, so I am at least grateful to her for possibly giving me less admin.

I also needed a quieter show after my adventures on Saturday night. It was more laidback and I did a lot more freewheeling than I have done previously this year, finding a couple of new lines that work in the process. Nevertheless, the show went very well and the audience were ideal. They were both receptive to the jokes and keen to get involved.

I have two days left of working remotely, before I am officially on holiday and can focus all my efforts on my show.


Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 7

You know you’ve had a heavy night when you wake up fully clothed in a pile of washing on your bedroom floor.

I am feeling a little worse for wear today after a few too many pints both during and after my show yesterday. I was bought three by punters during the show itself, which was probably a bad idea but I can’t turn these things down.

The show was decent yesterday, but there were too many people trying to cram themselves in and this made some of them a bit restless. Well, that and their alcohol intake. Not all of the material worked and a few things fell a bit flatter than usual.

Despite it not going as well as previous shows, I still made £82 in the bucket plus three pints at £4 each, which I don’t really count in the haul.

I have yet to do a gig properly hungover so far in Edinburgh, as I don’t function very well in this state. I’m hoping my old friends of adrenaline and Lucozade will get me through it. Then again, I had one of my best shows ever last year after feeling groggy due to one of my flatmates leaving the gas on in my flat for about seven hours. However you feel before the show, you never really know how it’s going to pan out.

Seven shows in, seven full houses, I’ve made about £500 so far and had more than 100 people physically unable to get in. I think it’s fairly safe to say that my first week at the Fringe has been pretty successful, I just need to spend less of my takings on beer.