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In many of the entries this year, I’ve complained about how hot it’s been. That all changed in Gisborne.

I had to get a taxi when I arrived because there are no airport buses in Gisborne. The driver said there hadn’t been any rain for two weeks. Well, never fear. Because when I turn up and I’m wearing my shorts, rain usually isn’t too far behind.

And sure enough, it started raining within hours of my arrival and has been doing so a fair amount since. At times, it was torrential.

This week marks the first time since my first day in Perth on 14 January that I’ve not had to apply layers of sun-cream before venturing outside. It also marks the first time in about six weeks that I’ve worn any trousers. I should add that I have been wearing shorts.

If it’s warm enough to wear shorts and not get sunburnt without wearing sun cream, then those are perfect conditions for me.

I’d never been to Gisborne before and I liked it more every day I spent there. When I walked through the town centre on Saturday afternoon, most places were closed and everything looked fairly dead.

I then explored a bit further and there’s a lot of stuff to like there such as the scenery along the coastline and local brewery.

I was hoping to go surfing, but conditions weren’t really suitable for it. The sea was a bit too choppy. And considering I haven’t surfed in almost 24 years, I can hardly claim to be at the the peak of my surfing abilities.

For three out of the last four days in Gisborne, I ate fish and chips. This wae mostly out of convenience as I didn’t have access to a kitchen. As much as I like eating it, I could do with a bit of variety. Fortunately, I was getting all the other necessary dietary nutrients from the hefty breakfast at the B&B I was staying in. It’s back to hostels now, and likely sardines and pasta.

Next week, I’ll be performing again in Wellington. 



When I arrived in Auckland in 2007, life felt full of fun, adventure and possibilities.

It was my first time on my own in another country, thousands of miles away from home.

I can’t remember exactly how I spent my days then. I do recall that there was a lot of walking around looking for places to get a fry-up from cafes recommended in Lonely Planet.

I do remember going to the backpacker bar in the basement of my hostel most nights, so a good chunk of my days were likely taken up with hangovers. This also explains the meed for fry-ups. Sadly, the backpacker bar has now closed. But I’ll always have the memories, or lack of them.

In February 2007, I even managed to do three standup gigs in Auckland. A tally I have thus far been unable to top in this city as it’s now pretty much impossible to get a response to emails. But maybe after that poor third gig I’ve been forever blacklisted.

One thing I have been able to do after 13 years was the jump off Auckland Sky Tower.

The Sky Jump is not really a bungee.  You’re just lowered really quickly to the ground with a harness. It is 192 metres though.

In 2007, this was the first thing like this I’d ever done. I have a vivid memory of stepping off the platform with nothing beneath my feet, which is a good metaphor for a couple of decisions I’ve made in life.

Thirteen years later, it was still fun but a little tame compared with the Nevis bungee out of a cable car in Queenstown.

I was originally hoping to bring my show to Auckland Fringe, but was unable to get one of those pesky venues sorted by the registration deadline.

Other than the Sky Jump, I haven’t done a massive amount in my four days here. Although yesterday, I found a craft ale bar and had to sample three pints with my fish and chips. And today, I walked up to Mt Eden today to see the volcano and views of the city.

Tomorrow, I head to Gisborne. I’ve not been there before, so can tick off another part of NZ I’ve been to. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do some surfing for the first time since 1996.