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Archive for July 2nd, 2011


Entry 305: Interesting

One of the disadvantages about writing a daily blog is that
to make it interesting you generally have to do interesting things to write
about, or at least do some things.

My weekends back home do not make particularly interesting
reading as I don’t tend to do much other than walk my dogs and eat lots of
food, which cancel each other out.

If I were scraping the interesting barrel – and I am – I
would write about the new shoes I ordered being a lot yellower than I
anticipated. It doesn’t matter, a couple of weeks of London grime should sort them
out. Actually, I should read these barrels more carefully, this is bottom of
the banal barrel but I am running out of time to get this written.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get some writing done and intend to
shut myself away in the summer house for a few hours, possibly after painting
it. Or at least those were something vaguely resembling plans, but it looks
like there will be yet more tinkering with the Edinburgh flyers I have agreed
to design for a mate. I have just received a text to tell me that his director
wants more yet changes to be made. I’ll have certainly earned my £20 by the end
of this saga, now I know why graphic designers charge so much more. I must make
a note to remind myself not to agree to design flyers for anyone again. This entry
will do, although I can’t see myself reading it again in another year when
Edinburgh is nearing once more.

Word count: 266


Entry 304: Farewell, cheap train fares

Today I made the last ever journey using my Young Person’s
Rail Card.

I am now officially no longer considered to be a young
person by Network Rail. I am going to miss the savings on train fares quite a
lot. But one thing I am considering is launching an age discrimination campaign
against rail companies as I now find myself in an age bracket which makes me
exempt from owning a rail card for the next 38 years or so unless I start a
family, get a disability or become a mature student. There is a potentially a
system to be smashed here and as it is a system which belongs to soulless train
providers and I can’t resist having a go at smashing it. I will keep you
updated with how my campaign is going through this website..

In design news, I have been trying to get the Edinburgh
flyers I designed for a mate amended after his feedback but Inkscape is really
intent to stop me doing this. It must have crashed on me at least 15 times in
the past few hours and has never done so before. Perhaps the programme really
hates my flyer designs, it is the only explanation I can think of.

As I writing this I am rather tired. I only got about four
hours sleep last night, I got to bed around 2.30am but woke up at 7am-ish and
couldn’t go back to sleep. Perhaps it was my subconscious trying to pre-empt
the builders next door in waking me up. Well, it worked. Now I shall go off to
sleep in my home-home bed where the builders can’t reach me.

Word count: 279

Originally completed at 11.50pm on 1 July 2011 but not uploaded due to technical issues.