Entry 325: Tiredness and an irrelevant intro

I was hoping to try out a few new lines at a gig I have tonight, but I have not managed to get them written nor do I even know what they are about.

As a result I probably won’t be trying them out as I am not going to leave the unknown lines to materialise on stage, as that could be most painful for all involved. But my Edinburgh set is just about there I reckon, I’d just like a few new bits I could throw in here and there.

In work news, I completed my ridiculous shifts last night in working one full shift on one desk and then half a shift afterwards on another desk. It has been a week when my energy levels have been tested and as I am still awake I would consider this a victory.

Even so, tiredness is slowly taking its grip on me, which shouldn’t have a strong grip because of the nature of what tiredness is. However strong or weak tiredness’s grip may be I am unable to escape it at the moment as I am more tired than tiredness and any efforts to actually fight it may well use up energy needed in staying awake. It’s a paradox. I hope you managed to understand that, because I didn’t. But there is a good thing about being tired, from past experience there comes a point I reach when I am beyond tired where hallucinate and laugh to myself at stupid thoughts so I’m looking forward to that.

Word count: 257

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