Entry 337: Edinburgh arrival

I have arrived in Edinburgh and so my 2011 Fringe adventure begins.

My journey to the tube station from my house was a challenge in itself. I ended up packing too many things and had three heavy bags, not only were my arms feeling the strain but the bags were too; I had broken into a heavy sweat before I’d even made it to the end of my road.

By the time I eventually made it to the tube station, I was sweating profusely with aching hands, shoulders and arms. It wasn’t exactly an ideal start of a trip when conserving my energy is going to be key to survival.

The handle on my Bag For Life snapped  and the bag split once I had got off the tube, I can only assume the Bag For Life had noticed my excessive panting and sweating and decided my life was about to end so it had served its purpose. This meant I had to try to carry the disintegrating bag under one arm. I got to my train with 15 minutes to spare but couldn’t find the strength to carry my things any further so used a luggage trolley for the small remaining distance.

Once on the train if I thought that was an end to my mishaps for the day then I was wrong. I managed to get stuck in the train toilet, being rescued by a woman in her 60s; then when I went back to my seat I spilt Lucozade all over my crotch. Nice.

I arranged to meet Langton at Edinburgh station with a replacement bag and we walked to the flat I’ll be sharing with Moz for the month.

Since arriving in the city we have been familiarising ourselves with where everything is again and are looking forward to starting our shows tomorrow.

Below is a picture of the injury I sustained from the bag ordeal.

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