Entry 357: Edinburgh – day 21

I have a massive pile of flyers I need to get rid of before the end of the festival.

There is no way I want to take them all back to London with me again. We probably had too many printed but the deal was so cheap it makes wasting some not seem so bad. The weight of the 5,000 flyers I brought up with me was largely responsible for the arm injury I sustained while travelling up here for the start of the Fringe. If I fail to get rid of them before the end of our show run then I will put the remaining flyers in the recycling bin. This is also a clever marketing strategy for next year, as I’m sure the people who sort out the recycling materials will be so impressed with my environmental credentials that they’ll vow to see my show in 2012. I could then write some recycling-based jokes just for them. I’ve thought this through.

This week I am also going to try and see as many shows as I can, or at least seeing as many shows as I want to see. As I’ve previously said, there aren’t that many paid shows I do want to see this year but since I have been paid this changes matters.

Today I’m seeing a couple of word of mouth shows, which I find is always the best recommendation for a show. It beats marketing strategies hands down, but I think my recycling worker marketing strategy could even top word of mouth. Or perhaps not.

Word count: 261


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