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Entry 358: Edinburgh – day 22

When you ask an audience a general question which often gets a reaction and you get no response then you know the gig is going to be hard work.

This was proved again yesterday when it took a while to get the audience going. Things that have been getting laughs at nearly every show in the run fell flat but I carried on and managed to get the audience of 15 people laughing, albeit not as loud or quite as regularly as previous shows.

I was heckled for the first time ever by a lyric from the Sound of Music, after I explained how much of my set was held together with the word ‘so’ and then after I said ‘so’ again someone from the back shouted: “A needle pulling thread”. It’s possibly my favourite heckle I’ve had in Edinburgh and I don’t even like the Sound of Music.

I am pleased to report that the microphone is working again in our venue and the dripping from the ceiling has stopped.

I saw a couple of shows yesterday. Musical duo Horse and Louis were brilliant; then I saw Doctor Brown’s show last night. It was recommend to me by other comics and is all a bit mad; it involved a lot of mime and physical comedy and for the first 30 minutes of the hour long show he didn’t speak a word. There were moments of bizarre brilliance, but when you are told repeatedly how good something is your expectations are always going to be hard to meet. I did enjoy it though and would recommend checking it out.

Shortly I am heading off to see Tony Law, I have a ticket for Nick Helm on Saturday but unfortunately Adam Riches is completely sold out. I’ve been up here for four weeks; I really have no excuse for missing shows I wanted to see.

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