Entry 361: Edinburgh – day 25

We have just two shows to go for Edinburgh Fringe 2011.

At times it has gone by very quickly, at others – such as getting drenched while flyering or performing to a non-responsive audience – it has gone by very slowly. I will save conclusions and the philosophy for

The final week has been very quiet, but we’ve still yet to pull a show yet because of no audience – which is quite an achievement in itself as many shows, including paid ones with higher profile acts, have been pulled some days. I don’t want to speak too soon as we do have two left, but as they’re on the weekend I’m fairly confident we should get at least a few people in.

Yesterday we started a few minutes late as we were desperately hoping to get more than four people in our audience. As it turned out, our patience paid off and we ended up with ten people. It was a pretty decent show. I still didn’t feel entirely there due to still shaking off an illness, but it wasn’t a bad effort. The audience enjoyed themselves and from ten people we made £22 in the collection at the end.

As it is a Saturday there is not so much need to flyer for hours before the show starts, as getting an audience shouldn’t be a problem. So far today I have cooked a fry-up for myself and Langtonm and due to the abundance of flyers we have left – and as we are edgy comics – we have been fashioning garments out of the remaining flyers to wear for our last show tomorrow. Rock n Roll. I won’t reveal what we have made, for that you shall have to come and see our show tomorrow. Failing that, I will probably be posting pictures on here at some point.

I am now off to see Nick Helm.

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