Entry 362 – Edinburgh – day 26

This is it, today is when our Edinburgh run for 2011 comes to an end.

I will save reflecting on all that has gone on for tomorrow once I am back in London; my train tomorrow is at the stupid time of 6.55am due to it being the cheapest ticket. Because of this early departure I have been cleaning the flat, packing stuff up, and throwing stuff out such as the pile of empty bottles of energy drinks which have been keeping me going for the past four weeks.

At yesterday’s penultimate show we had the room at full seating capacity. Paul was on first and normally one of us sits at the back of the room while the other one is on, but yesterday we thought we would sit behind the curtain instead. So I was behind the curtain when Paul started his set, but noticed the door at the back of the room was open so I went out of the fire escape to go downstairs  and loop around outside, close the door then return behind the curtain with no-one noticing. However, I couldn’t actually find the right way out and ended up in the refuse area; I went back up the stairs and found myself in a hotel corridor with just hotel rooms around me. I had a vision of missing the entire show. I eventually found my way out and reached the door to our venue, which I then closed. I thought about going back outside behind the curtain but then I knew I would definitely get lost again, so stayed put.

Paul did very well, the audience really went for all his stuff. I was hoping for a similar stormer but I wouldn’t rate how I did any better than set six out of ten. It was okay-ish, but with a full room I wanted to do better than okay. I got laughs, but not as loud or as regular as I wanted to and a few things received no reaction. I got slightly distracted by the front row talking and my interactions with them didn’t really go anywhere. But never mind, it was a decent gig and I’ve definitely had worse gigs up here, plus we broke our collection bucket record with £52. Now there is just one show left to go and I just need to find the energy for one last push. There will probably be another empty energy drink bottle to add to the pile by the end of the day.

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