Entry 365: Project Daily 250 complete

Here it is, the final entry in my project that was originally named My Daily 250.

The plan was to see if I could write at least 250 words a day, or the equivalent, for a year to force me to write more in the hope that I would be get some comedy material out of it. As you can see this entry is number 365, so I have at least achieved the year thing. As it turns out, nothing I’ve actually written in this blog has found its way in my stand-up set but I have certainly written a lot more material as an indirect result from forcing myself to sit down and write something every day.

It started out on Tumblr and I didn’t expect anything to come from it, but a mate I was at school with noticed what I’d been doing and offered to set me up the website you see before you.

The reason why I’d previously avoided writing a regular blog was because you need to be doing interesting stuff in order to make it worth reading, and there were many days when entries consisted of little more than writing about going to the supermarket. In the hope to make it more of an interesting read, I’m going to now write three or four times a week to avoid so much daily barrel scraping. But I definitely think my Daily 250 project has been worthwhile, particularly in Edinburgh when it was often my therapy.

The new comedy year has now begun. You’ll be able to read all about my mishaps and experiences here, with probably not so much detail about my trips to the supermarket.

Word count: 281

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