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Fun gigs, not a fun commute

So far this week I have had two gig and they were both on the same night.

The first one was in Bethnal Green in a great little room, with a great little audience. There can have only been about eight people in, but I’ll take eight friendly people over the 30 apathetic people I had the other week in Tonbridge .

Then my second gig was appropriately the second birthday of Ruby Tuesdays, the gig set up by myself and a collective of 12 or so friends. The numbers of those involve have dwindled quite a bit in recent months, but there was a good turnout of the old gang on Tuesday and it was the most I’ve enjoyed the particularly night for quite some time. We can’t have had an audience much bigger than my first gig, but I had fun.

At both gigs I was trying out some new stuff that has been in my head for a couple of weeks but I haven’t had the chance to try out. It actually went down very well for a first and second outing, it still needs a bit of honing and refining, but the signs are positive.

Back in the working world, I am really hating being a 9-5 commuter. The job itself is fine, but the commute is horrible. It’s not very far, but it is always packed full of people to the extent that I often can’t get on a couple of tube trains in a row. You know things are bad when you view a small gap of floor space on a packed train as being something that raises some joy.

Today was particularly awful, with various disruptions and my journey taking me double what it should have done, resulting in me being half an hour late for work. The journey back after work wasn’t much better. I also sweat buckets on crowded trains; as you can imagine, this means I get some strange looks – particularly as I am producing plastic containers from my perspiration.

Sweating buckets – that was the joke. Admittedly, it wasn’t a very good one and I may now backtrack and claim that it wasn’t actually a joke at all and was just a wildly inaccurate fact. Yes, I’ll claim that.

To deal with my commuter frustrations, after working  I invested in two cans of beer from the off license around the corner from my house. Yes, I am classy.

Tomorrow night I am off to Chichester for a gig after work. Then it is the weekend, I now actually value weekends again after sometimes having a couple of them in a week when I was freelancing.

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