Struggle not quite the struggle I thought, but still a struggle

Well, last night didn’t turn out to be quite the comedy train-wreck I was anticipating.

That said, I wouldn’t consider the comedy section of the punk music night to be a resounding success either and it was hard work.

The punk covers band were very good and the audience were mainly middle-aged actor friends of the band, who had come to see the music. Typically, for an audience to be receptive to comedy, they need to be there specifically for comedy. If they are there for music, they will generally not respond well to comedy. Although sometimes even if they are there for comedy, an audience can still be unreceptive. I could have probably phrased this paragraph better, but it is too late now.

Anyway, I was MC for the evening, introducing the two musical acts and then the comedy was on after the second interval, featuring ten minute sets from myself and two other acts. When this section began, I at least managed to mostly stop the audience from talking and actually listen to the words I was saying.

However, as they were not tuned into watching comedy, several of my punchlines fell flat. But when this did happen, I did at least managed to get a degree of personal enjoyment from hitting the cymbal on the drum-kit to emphasise the punchline. My set didn’t totally bomb and for my persistence I was at least rewarded with some audible laughter, even if it wasn’t proportionately very good for a crowd of 40 over the ten minutes.

Langton was up next and needed to be at his vitriolic best. Unfortunately, he’ll be the first to admit that he wasn’t. I shall say no more. Then, David Schaal was on last and actually did very well.

And that was the end of the comedy section, I was glad to have got it out of the way and proceeded to get on the beer.

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