Edinburgh Fringe 2013 – Day 12

I knew it was a mistake not to find some wood to touch when I was writing in my last entry about how we have yet to pull a show, because yesterday’s show did not go ahead.

Whether or not touching wood would have made any difference to people showing up, I don’t know. I didn’t get any anyone I flyered asking me about this.

But after waiting for ten minutes in the vain hope that a handful of people would walk in, our total audience stood at zero.

In the three full-run Fringe shows I have done, this was the first that I have ever had to pull. Admittedly, I do kind of wish that some of the more painful shows in these three runs had been pulled. I also pulled one of the six-day run in my show with Gwilum last year due to the same level of audience.

When you have spent a bit of time flyering on the Fringe, it doesn’t take long to know when things are going to be quiet. Although I am frequently proved wrong when I try and predict how the Fringe is going to behave, sometimes I am right and yesterday was one of such days.

Wednesday’s are now my least favourite day on the Fringe. The majority of punters come up for long weekends, and Wednesday doesn’t fit into one.

I will be spending more time flyering today. Things should pick up as it is nearing the weekend.

We have now passed the midway point in the Fringe, and there is still much more fun and pain to be had in varying measures.

  • Love and Lilley: Fear and Loathing is on at 6pm from Saturday August 3 to Saturday August 24. At Kilderkin, 65 Canongate, EH8 8BT. It is part of the PBH Free Fringe, which means it’s free.

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