Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Day 15

The two Ls closely associated with my Edinburgh experience were reunited for the first time this Fringe.

No, I am not referring to Love and Langton, I am referring to Lucozade and Lemsip. In previous Fringes, I have had a dependency on both. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I succumbed to the need for artificial energy and a hot flu remedy.

This is a good thing, because I think my energy levels are better than previous years and my immune system has also managed to hold up thus far. But I can now feel the tiredness creeping up on me and then I hit a wall about 11pm every night when any prospect of going out for the night diminishes by the second. I am also hoping that my mild sore throat is not an early sign of the oncoming Edinlurgy.

Former Fringe performer and current tourist Paul Langton has also been in town for the past couple of days for his brief visit.

He was there to watch yesterday’s show, which was again just a couple of people short of a full room.

The dip in my set happened again with the same bit of material and I don’t think this is helped by me now expecting it to not get a laugh. I decided to give it a load of energy yesterday, which didn’t help because it caused me to forget what it was I was meant to be saying. I am now going to change how I do it and am will try adding something I said the other day that got a laugh. Most of the other segments went down pretty well and I was having a lot of fun riffing with a particularly smutty woman in the front row.

I made £43 in the bucket, which I reckon was a fair assessment of the show. It was decent enough, but I know it can be even better. Being the worker bee Langton is, he totalled up my bucket takings just like old times. It brought back fond memories of only getting about £4.36 one night, which we had to split between us.

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