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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Day 16

I woke up yesterday and thought I smelled gas. Then half an hour later, there was a knock on the flat door to ask me to check if any of the hobs were on.

It turns out that one of hobs had been left on in the morning by one of my flatmates. I immediately switched it off and opened all the windows to get some fresh air in.

On the walk into town, I was feeling a little groggy with aches and pains. I didn’t know if it was down to the general strains of the Fringe, or if I was suffering from gas inhalation. I had visions of collapsing on stage and being taken to hospital.

I thought I’d do my show anyway and run the risk, as at least it would give me an interesting story.

Then yesterday’s show turned out to be not only my best of the run by some way, but it may well be sitting at the top as the best gig I have ever done.

It was standing room only and I was incredibly lucky to have such a great audience who wanted to get involved. As the show is so interactive, the more punters chip in, the more fun it is. For whatever reason, previous shows where I’ve had full rooms haven’t gone as well as the ones with a dozen or so empty seats where I’ve more time to play around with the crowd. But this time, everyone wanted to be part of things from the Bristol Improv students (who I ripped into and temporarily disqualified from the quiz for cheating), to the group of six Wiltshire folk standing at the back.

The music round was quite special. In previous shows, people have sung along before but never in quite such a large number and even after the tracks have stopped.

I made my record Edinburgh bucket takings of £78.79. It is going to take something pretty spectacular to top this show, but I now know the standard for how good it can be. Perhaps I should get my flatmates to leave the gas on every day.

In other news, I can confirm that I have fulfilled my Fringe obligation and have officially for the Edinlurgy. I have been coughing up green stuff. My throat only has to last for five more shows. And I have a day off tomorrow, so hopefully a rest will be just the thing I need to sort myself out.

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