Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Day 2

I had a feeling it would rain a lot this Fringe, and two days in it would appear that I am right.

I have been lucky with the weather in the last couple of years, so knew this couldn’t last. I am also saying this in the hope that the Fringe gods realise that I have correctly predicted what they will do, take exception to this and then make it stop raining.

Flyering in the rain isn’t much fun, especially with the wind making it difficult to hold an umbrella hasn’t been blown inside-out.

But once again, in spite of my conditions, I had a really good audience turn out. I must have had about 25 in, which is only around ten off full capacity. The audience were great and it was a better show than my first day. I didn’t have quite so much to worry about beforehand, so felt a bit more settled. There was also much more interaction, which was a lot of fun.

My first 15 minutes still needs to be tighter and isn’t going down quite as well as the rest. It is going down okay, but there have been some huge laughs later on. I suppose this is at least better than the opposite happening, where it starts off really strongly and then fades out as the show progresses.

Deech has now arrived at the flat and I have taken up residency on an inflatable mattress in the living room for a week as part of the bed rota.

I am now off to the pound shop to buy today’s mystery prizes. Yesterday’s quiz winners won some gardening gloves and a DVD of some British criminal I had never heard of. What will today’s winners win? I do not know yet.

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