Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Day 3

Yesterday’s show coincided with the start of me working remotely, meaning I had less time to flyer for my show; although I did spend slightly too long in the pound shop looking for quiz prizes.

I will be working remotely for the next week and a half, with most of it being half-days. But it is still not ideal when I want to devote all my energies to performing and promoting show.

Possibly as a result of the reduced flyering time, as well as the two-for-one days, my audience was half of what it had been the previous days. However, it was probably the most I have enjoyed a show so far.

I had 11 audience and they were all really up for getting involved. The interaction was a lot of fun.

The nice thing about having an hour to play with is that you can take your time with things. It doesn’t feel rushed in that a shorter set can, where you want to cram in as much as possible and then end up speeding through it without any time to breath.

I have not done the same show twice, including my previews. There has been something different in all of them, which has been refreshing. Yesterday, I even forgot to read out the quiz answers at the end and it didn’t suffer because of it.

At the moment, I cannot see myself getting bored with doing this show, and as long as I am enjoying it then there is a good chance that the audience also will.

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