Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 14

I can report that there was no repeat performance of last Saturday’s drunken shenanigans and I didn’t wake up on my bedroom floor in a pile of my dirty washing. This is largely because I wasn’t bought three pints during my show.

It was a decent show yesterday, with about 30 people being turned away again. Even someone who’d asked me to reserve some seats couldn’t get in as they arrived two minutes before the show was due to start and I’d had no choice but to offer them to other people.

Yesterday’s crowd were a little more passive than the previous two Saturdays. I had to work hard to get them going and this took little while, with some of the material getting titters that has done much better at other shows. I also didn’t help matters by swallowing some of my words around punchlines, which is mostly down to fatigue. The crowd eventually got on board and there were some big laughs. I made £86 in the bucket at the end, which was down a bit from the previous three shows and was a fair reflection of how the show didn’t go quite as well.

I also unexpectedly had someone from Quiz Britain make an appearance at the show and ask to take pictures of me when I was handing out the pens and white boards. I am going to be featured on their website, which is pretty cool.

Another thing I’ve been really lucky with at this year’s Fringe so far is the weather. It has rained, but mostly stayed fine in the hour or so before my show to make sure that punters are not put off walking down the hill to the Kilderkin.

In previous Fringes, I have been left utterly drenched by downpours, which largely summed up my shows that year.

I hit the tiredness wall at about 10pm last night and had to go to bed. When I went outside the Kilderkin, there was a torrential downpour of old happening, with streams flowing down the streets. But when I woke up today, the sun was out and all was well again.

I have six shows left; I’ve managed to fight off the lurgy so far, but I could really do with a second wind.

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