Edinburgh Fringe 2015 – Day 3

From three gigs, yesterday continued the trend and saw me get another full-house, with people crammed in at the back and others being turned away on the door. It’s still a very surreal experience.

Tomorrow is what is known as ‘Black Wednesday’, supposedly the quietest day of the Fringe. It will be interesting to see how many punters I get in the door then. I am going to bet myself some chocolate digestives that my record will fall.

The show yesterday was decent, but the crowd took a little while to get into gear. The material has gone much better before, and I hope it will again.

There are few technical things I need to sort out for my show. The first being problems with my cheap MP3 player that I bought to replace the cheap MP3 player I thought I’d lost but then found again.

A few parts of the show need music playing and the new MP3 player turns its volume down automatically, supposedly to protect eardrums. It’s difficult to time a joke when you know that the punchline rests on whether the sound will be loud enough when you press play. So I am going to replace the replacement MP3 player with the MP3 player that the replacement was bought to replace. I hope you’re following this.

Yesterday, I also couldn’t find the bucket and seven or eight people fled without putting any money in it at the end. The swines. I ended up with £49, which is still a fairly respectable amount compared with previous years but disappointing compared with how this Fringe has started. Still, as long as I have enough money for a pint and a pizza after the show then I’m happy.

The other technical thing I need to improve is the distributing of board rubbers to the back of the room. In the past two shows, I have thrown them and ended up hitting two women on the head.

These incidents were on different days and thankfully neither of them was hurt. I should make clear that it wasn’t my intention to hit them on the head. Nevertheless, this is not the sort of act I am aiming to be. Although I think that most of the problem comes with the aiming.

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