Au revoir, EU

As I write this, I am no longer an EU citizen.

It is a strange feeling and one I was fairly convinced wouldn’t happen as recently as a couple of months ago. Then when the general election was called at the worst possible time, there was only really one way it was going to go.

My small crumbs of comfort were that due to the time difference, I was still an EU citizen for the first seven hours of 1 February as I’m currently in Western Australia. Then when I woke up, it had all been stripped away.

The thing is, until the Brexit referendum was called, I never felt particularly European.

But then having taken my first steps in Spain when visiting my grandparents, and growing up with family holidays to Normandy most summers, I couldn’t really be anything but. Until now that is.

And if the likes of Iain Duncan Smith, Farage, Michael Gove, and Anne Widdecombe ever think something is a good idea, it’s probably awful and I will always be on the opposite side.

Ultimately, Brexit was a fringe issue in the Tory party that has now engulfed four countries and made them worse places to live.

The referendum was all just a game between privileged politicians who will be insulated from any of the fallout. Leaving has been pushed by many politicians who don’t actually believe in it, but are merely using it as a means for power and attention in order to satisfy narcissistic urges.

The vote was won by lies a toxic combination of lies, electoral fraud, and false offers of hope to people in need of it.

By some strange coincidence, the ‘will of the people’ line that is repeatedly spouted just so happens to be the will of Rupert Murdoch and Vladimir Putin. And call me cynical, but I’m doubtful if they really have the best interests of everyone at heart.

My hope is that the worst predictions don’t come true, but I haven’t heard anything in the past three and a half years that has even started to convince me that it isn’t a terrible idea.

In any case, I will be applying for an Irish passport. That Irish grandfather is going to be useful.

I’m aware that this is a deviation from the kind of stuff I normally write on here. But this is my website and I can do what I like. Don’t worry, normal service will be resumed tomorrow.

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