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Edinburgh Fringe: The Year Off podcast

Due to Edinburgh Fringe being cancelled 2020, I’m had a podcast project to keep me busy.

It’s called Edinburgh Fringe: The Year Off. 

I interviewed comedians and other folk who are normally involved with the festival to find out what they’re doing instead this year. There will also be stories from past Fringes. The highs, the lows and the sheer ridiculous from those three and a bit weeks in the Scottish capital.

Another part of the discussion is what interviewees think needs to change about Edinburgh Fringe. It’s been expanding every year and getting increasingly expensive for performers to do shows there. With the enforced break, find out what regular Fringe performers and goers think the organisers need to do to help fix things when the festival does return.

Music is by Rich Shillitoe. Visit Rich Shillitoe Music on Facebook to find out more.