Entry 329: Planning ahead

I have returned to London following a brief but enjoyable trip back home.

The next time I see those green Stroud hills will be the third weekend in August when I am making a three day trip down for Clack’s wedding. I have already made plans and taken the one suit I own back as I’ll be bypassing my London base completely on that mission.

That is about as far as my plans for Clack’s wedding go so far, I’ve booked all my train tickets and have taken back the appropriate attire but I have nowhere to stay. The wedding is at a country golf club that quite a lot of my friends are staying in but I can’t afford with Edinburgh absorbing a large amount of my funds. I am realistically looking at sleeping in my car.

I have done this before while also dressed in a suit, but this unplanned then. I was supposed to be staying a mate’s house after a goodbye-do for the sixth form I went to. For reasons unknown, even five years on, I ended up walking through fields for about five hours, eventually getting back to my car around 6am and slept under a blanket used to keep dog hair off the seats for a few hours.

It’s just as well I’m no longer applying for jobs, as with all the stalkery research they do these days they would probably come across this story and not want to employ me. Well, good. I didn’t even want your stupid hypothetical job anyway. I may have to delete this entry if I do fall on hard times, or change it to make me look good.

Anyway, for the moment the comedy dream is still very much alive and in less than a week I will be up in Edinburgh.

Word count: 304

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