Entry 334: New smart phone game

I‘ve had an idea for a smart phone game which could make me millions, unfortunately I have no idea how to actually create one of these things as my knowledge in the area is severely lacking.

I’m not going to give out exact details on what this idea is as it could very well be stolen, but what I will say is that it could well be based on my the frustrations at getting woken up by loud builders multiple times in recent months. If anyone knows how to make such a game, or knows anyone who does, get in touch and I shall reveal my master plan. The rest of you will have to wait until the game gets made, which might not ever happen so you will be waiting a long time.

In film news, I want to see Captain America but am probably running out of time to see it in London as I leave for Edinburgh on Wednesday and have plans up until then, so I now think I’ll see it when I’m up in Scotland as it might prove a nice break from the intensity of the Fringe and seeing nothing but live comedy. It only seems to be superhero films I actually want to go to the cinema to see these days, at least this particular year anyway with Thor and X-men being my only visits this far. If anything next year will be more so with the Avengers, Batman, Spider-man and Superman all set to be released.

Word count: 254

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