Entry 342: Edinburgh – day 5

We had our best gig of the run so far yesterday.

The audience were brilliant, I knew from talking to a few of them as they came in that they would be friendly and this assumption was reinforced from the intro bit we do. At the start of the show we just talk about the show and how it’s going to work, if that doesn’t get a titter then so far all the signs would point to the gig being hard work.

For the first time yesterday we had some music playing before the show started, which I think allowed the audience to relax before things began. Then we added a new bit where we were talking about the audience from behind the curtain, which worked well and reckon we will keep.

Paul was on first and did very well indeed, probably better than me but he is a different comedic beast entirely. I enjoyed my set and it’s amazing how a good gig can make everything seem better. We made £50 in the collection bucket at the end from about 30 people, which is pretty decent.

As today is a Monday I think crowds are going to be on the smaller side. Still, at least it’s stopped raining – for now anyway, I don’t want to speak too soon.

In flat news, I can confirm that Moz is officially the worst washer-upper I have ever seen. Luckily I’m a veteran of the arena, having once done a ten hour shift on a Sunday lunchtime, so I don’t mind giving the plates and pans a going over.

In bruise news, the injury to my arm has now all but healed so there will be no more pictures of it on here.

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