Entry 352: Edinburgh – day 15

I now only have seven shows left of the Fringe.

It’s going by really quickly. There are three more A Mixed Bags booked in but I have drafted in cover as tomorrow I am heading down south for three days for the wedding of an ex-uni housemate. I’m looking forward to it as it should be a great day, plus the four of us ex-uni housemates will be reunited in full for the first time in more than two years; these occasions are rarer these days with us all living in different parts of the country.

But part of me also wants to stay performing up here. Some people have taken planned days off for their shows but now I just want to keep going. Then again, even if I wanted to have a day off I’d say I wouldn’t to try and look cool.

For yesterday’s show we were once again done a massive favour by the rain getting people in, it’s much more effective than flyering.

I was on first and the opening five minutes of my set were tough, I got very little out of the audience but I persisted and they soon warmed up. We had about 20 people in and made £42 in the collection bucket at the end, which could very well be proportionally the best day’s takings yet if either of us had bothered to keep track of how much we were getting per person.

In other news, I saw Norman Lovett’s show last night, it was free and brilliant.

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